It's Delle!

Someone on the WW boards mentioned they read my blog (news to me, I didn't think anybody stopped by here aside from my best friend!), so I thought I should put a little blurb about me. I made this journal so I can keep track of the things I'm doing and how I'm thinking and feeling as I journey along the road to getting thinner. It's not intended to be written to an audience, it is honestly something I am writing to myself, and I find it so helpful to be able to look back even 4 months ago and see what kinds of things I was many of our experiences in life slip through the cracks, and I want to remember as many of them as I can in relation to my weight loss; the good, the bad, and even the oh so ugly ones!

So many people say they've struggled with their weight for years, but this is not tue for me. I've been overweight from my earliest memories, and morbidly obese all of my adult life, but I was not the type to yo-yo diet, so in that sense I was not struggling. I don't know what my highest weight was because I didn't have a scale to weigh myself when I started getting set to lose weight. In the year before I started WW I started trying to eat less junk food and to get a little activity into my routine. When I started WW I was 288 lbs and wearing a size 22, and I know the year before I was wearing a size 26 (which was tight on me), so I'm guessing I was easily in the low 300 lb-range at my highest weight.

For the first year of my weight loss journey I was incredibly focussed and motivated. I was keeping my weight loss a secret from my family back home in Newfoundland, and my goal was to surprise them on my trip home in July. Needless to say it was quite a shock to a lot of people when I showed up over 100 lbs lighter without any warning!

Right now I am getting back on track after my trip back home. I wasn't following WW for a while due to comp issues, not to mention life issues, and I've gained back some of the weight I had lost. I got away from journalling, but I'm back at it again and am using it to help me get my focus back. I also like using it to keep track of my activity, although I've not had an organised execise regime for a few months now due to an injury. I'm getting back into my activity, however, and I will be updating all my numbers soon.

As I said, I don't write in this blog with an audience in mind, but if anyone had any questions or comments on anything here, please don't hesitate to post!

BTW, the name of my blog came from a comment my supervisor at work made one day when I was in the middle of a full-blown rant about something I had to do that was infuriating me. He interrupted me and said something to the tune of, "Don't worry about it you don't have to do it. And my goodness look at you! Where are you going, everytime I see you, you're smaller! It's crazy, you're the incredible shrinking woman!!" The moment was funny and unexpected and seemed to sum up my life right now, so I came home and re-titled my blog.

Now all I need is a cape...

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Get her some sex toys

4 weeks, 4 days till Home!
-OP: yes
activity: yes

That was what I said to my supervisor's boss at work today after he responded to my suggestion that he bring his wife flowers that after 12 years of marriage flowers get boring. At the look on his face I said if he can't handle bringing home sex toys that he could always cook supper, because no matter how long a woman has been married, she NEVER gets tired of a man doing housework.

Another taxing day and I am finding myself exhausted tonight. I had to finish my workout when I got home this evening, but at least I got it in, plus a little walking, besides. There was take-out pizza at work again today and the smell of it was giving me fits. Cheese really does do it to me, I miss it so much.

Okay I'd meant to say more, but between one sentence and the next I went brain-dead, and I still need supper. I'll try to catch everything up tomorrow.

Earned 10 APs today: 30 min walk aerobics (2-mile), 20 min core, 15 min lower body, 35 min shoulders, 20 min biceps/triceps, 15 min chest

Friday, May 30, 2008

Lovely day for a Guinness

4 weeks, 5 days till Home!
-OP: yes
activity: yes

It is a wee bit of a stormy night, complete with rain, thunder and lightening, and I am enjoying a cold Guinness while I come down for the day. The thunder gives me delightful shivers from head to toe, and I wish it would go on all night. There is nothing quite like the sound of rain and thunder, especially at night time. Mostly I'm just glad the rain held off till after I got home from work. Work is stressful enough lately without having to wait in the rain for my bus afterward. I was thinking there would be food there today, and was looking forward to stuffing my belly full of their fruits and veggies, but they played it small today and just had sandwiches and doughnuts. There was also cake. Thankfully I always come prepared with my own food, so I didn't go hungry. I did want a sandwich and some cake tho, and I did consider a sandwich, but I didn't know if there was sauce on it, and it was easier just to eat my own supper that I brought. I'd intended to get a workout in today, and I attempted to get up early enough to get one in, but I slept in till 7am, and was a little slow getting breakfast because I had to walk to the store for milk, and I ended up getting distracted by the comp and was tired besides, and didn't get it in. I committed to doing it when I got home tonight, but I was too tired to consider it, so I did the elliptical again, and resigned myself to making up for it later. Everything has a price, and I accept that I will have to do more workouts this upcoming week to make up for it. I'll have a lot less hours to work, so I'm considering workout out every second day between tomorrow and the rest of the week. That will be challenging, but I have a whole week to make up for, having had no time for strength training. I'm not going to strictly hold myself to a S-M-W-F-S schedule, but I will work out 4 times, anyway. I dreamed last night that I went home to see my family, and I wanted to surprise them like I'm planning, but family members kept coming across me before I was ready, and friends kept almost giving me away besides. And it didn't seem like they noticed a difference when they saw me, they just thought I was home for an unexpected visit. It's crazy how much this comes up in my's constant! After M visited a couple weeks ago, I'd accepted for a while that I am different and thinner, and that there is a big change. Between she and F telling me, I finally felt more relaxed about wondering whether I really look different, and worrying that the change won't be drastic enough for my family to really notice. Unfortuately however, the fear and worry has creeped in again, and I'm back to fretting that I won't be adequately different for when I go home. I really want to surprise them, and I feel like I'm running out of time to get thin enough to really wow them. It's been such a motivator for me, it's something I've always wanted to do. I've struggled with the perfectionist in me, and in this, she is rearing her head like no one's business. I hate feeling like I've not come far enough to make that much of a difference in this, I hate feeling like I won't be able to make that goal. I'm proud of what I've done, without one doubt, I just really want this so badly, to be really different when I see my family.

Earned 7 APs today: 50 min elliptical

Thursday, May 29, 2008

What comes is better than what came before

4 weeks, 6 days till Home!!!!!
-OP: yes
-activity: yes

Oh it was definitely a Guinness day today, I only wish I could have a second and get pleasantly buzzed, but as tired as I am it would be a waste, really. Work was stressful again, but not necessarily bad. There are people in the store from other locations in the district to help us with the move, and some of them are extremely unpleasant to be around. One person in particular makes me want to rip her face off, and after one run in today(I've mostly been avoiding having to interact with her the way people avoid rabid squirrels) I was in such a foul mood that the store manager noticed me in the midst of all his busyness and pulled me aside for a chat, he more or less said I looked like a thundercloud. He was supportive, which is good, because if he had handled it differently it would have been like dropping a bottle of nitro. With respect and consideration he listened to my beef, and told me that I needed to calm down and get into a positive mindframe because we had just opened our new store and we had customers to think of. If he had done it any differently I would have been even more furious, but he did very well, I didn't feel I was being called out, and I was able to calm down. If he keeps up, I think he could do very well as a GM. I eventually went on break and ate; I planned to go immediately on his "recommendation" (read orders) but that person was in the lunch room so the floor was the best place for me to calm down. They had ordered stuff for sandwiches, plus fruits and veggies again, which I like best. I'd brought lasanga, and I ate their freggies with it. Heck, I even drank their water. I eat so little fruit that grapes, strawberries and melon taste soo sweet to me now. I had a conversation in the lunch room with coworkers about vegeables, and it was so nice to sit there and talk freely about things I eat. I was always so ashamed before, but now I am proud that I eat well, I'm not afraid that anyone will put me down. Tons of people at work the last week or so have been commenting on my weight loss, it's been surprising and really nice. I've been getting lots of comments like "keep getting smaller and smaller", "carrots for lunch? no wonder you're wasting away!", "you've lost so much!", "everytime I see you, you're skinnier", and "hey, it's the thin girl!". F is definitely right, having people see you outside of your work uniform makes a big difference! Okay, time for me to eat and get to bed, been a loooong day (week) and I put in 50 min on the elliptical tonight. Bed is going to be heaven!

Earned 7 APs today: 50 min elliptical

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I want to see D's doodle

5 weeks till Home!!!
-OP: yes
-activity: yes

It's nice to be back to scheduling in time to journal. I only have a few minutes, because I also have to schedule in time for supper before bed (which is soon, unfortunately), which I'm having late because I scheduled in my activity after I got home from work...LATE, because I went out with F and D after we finished our shift - which had NOT been scheduled into my It was a long, stressful day at the new store and they wanted to go out for a bite and since D is my ride I of course went along. Not that I don't want to hang out with my two best friends in the city, but I hadn't planned on dining out, plus I still needed to get exercise in. I didn't have supper, just had a beer, and when I came home I exercised right away to make sure I did it. I'd hoped to get a workout in, but since I was late getting home there was just no way. I was tempted to just go for a short walk, but I want meat on my pizza when I have supper, so I got on the elliptical for some high intensity exercise instead. I'm hungry and I'm looking forward to eating, today was challenging, with take out pizzas at work, and then being at one of my fav restaurants this evening when I was hungry. I know I could have had something, but if I ate it would be sooo hard to come home and exercise, plus I hadn't planned to eat out and if I had something it would be a lot of points. If I didn't need to come home and exercise, I would have done it, but I figured I had enough will power to resist. There will be other days to eat there, it's right next to the new store, and I really want to lose as much as I can before I go home. I had a good time with my friends, D even drew one of his sketches on a napkin. Anyhoo, time to get my pizza fix after wanting it all day!

Earned 5 APs today: 35 min elliptical

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You look so pretty with your body like that

5 weeks, 1 day till Home!
-OP: yes
-activity: yes

That was what a coworker said to me today after I said "You look so pretty with your hair like that". She is a real sweetheart, and constantly tells me how much weight I've been losing and how wonderful I look.

I've not been posting, and after she said that today I laughed and said "Okay that will be my quote for today", and then I thought about how I've not been posting every day like I had been for so long, and I decided that it was the kick I needed to post again tonight, just so I could make it my quote.

I got behind on the journalling after my Celebration Weekend, because things were busy and I wanted to be able to post properly about things. This has always been a weakness of mine, something I have struggled with for years now. I've gotten better at it, much better, but this has definitely been a relapse into old behaviours/mindsets. I get so rigid and obsessive sometimes, and I was determined not to post till I got caught up. Only, instead of being a motivator, it just makes me that much more behind when it takes longer to get caught up, which only makes me more behind of course. Such a vicious cycle. I'm not an unintelligent woman, it's mental how I can know these things and yet have to learn them again and again. I knew what was happening but couldn't seem to let myself unbend enough to take the first step and stop holding myself to such high standards. So yes, I am posting tonight when my journal is woefully behind. So is my email, incidently, something else I was thinking I should get caught up on before I started posting again. But the lesson I keep having to learn is...I'll get nothing done to suit me if I keep waiting for things to suit me before I begin. Maybe I can get to the email tomorrow, but I'm planning to work out after work, so it doesn't seem likely. Things have been crazy the past little while, work is insane with the move (we're changing locations). Also D's mum just died, so aside from losing him from work and having to help pick up the slack, I've also had him on my mind. I'd planned email/journal time into my day on Sunday, but lost it when D called and we spent hours on the phone. As it is I have to go eat my supper, but I wanted to get this post out of the way, so to speak, and take the first step to getting it back into my routine.

Work was better today, it helped that they didn't have the music blasting. The people I'm around are still mostly annoying tho, but I do my best to avoid the bad ones. They have been providing food for us, and I am soo glad I made food for this week and can come prepared, elsewise the pizza and sandwiches and doughnuts and cake etc etc would be so much harder to resist. I do fill up on their fruit and veggies when they have them tho, might as well save my own money! I got on the elliptical when I got home; it's been a long time since I've been on it, but I did well. I'll probably log a lot of miles on it this week.

I'll post again tomorrow.

Earned 5 APs today: 40 min elliptical

Monday, May 26, 2008

Taxing Monday

5 weeks, 2 days till Home!
-OP: yes
-activity: yes

OMG what an exhausting and aggravating day!!!!

I was up at 6am to get ready for work. My first time going to the new store, incidently without ever having been there and only the vaguest idea where to find it. With the change of location I am required to take a different bus route. Before I got a bus downtown then transfered. Now I have to get just one bus, but it takes the longest way possible to get there, leaves the city and meanders around, and eventually gets me to where I need to go, over an hour later. It's a pleasant bus ride for all that, the scenery is MUCH nicer, as a lot of it is through country/suburbs, lots of nature (and critters!) to look at. I saw deer, turtles, pretty birds, two cats in a window, a bunny, something that looked like a coyote and I don't know what else. Fortunately the bus driver knew where to let me off. Unfortunately, by the time I got there I felt like it had taken me since the day before just to get there. I am not going to enjoy this longer commute at all.

Work was very long and very stressful. They had music playing to get people motivated, problem was it was so loud it was almost painful. Did nothing for my concentration or my mood. Way too many cooks without any idea what was supposed to be going on in the kitchen. F came along a couple of hours later, and by the time I saw her I was in sugh a state of agitation/nerves that I actually shrieked a few times instead of talking, to express how I was feeling (the music was so loud that people 15 feet away from me didn't even notice the insane screeching). But I got through it without killing myself or someone else (a near thing). Then there was an incident when I was attempting to get a bus home that was so infuriating and upsetting that I was trembling most of the bus ride home in temper. I'd made plans for a friend to come over and I was thinking I was no fit company, but my friend had had a bad day too so it was all good, neither of us expected the other to be in an energetic mood. I didn't get any "real" exercise in, I'm just using the 15 min walk I had to do from the end of the bus run to get home. This week is going to suck for exercise if I'm this exhausted and stressed at the end of every day :(

Earned 1 AP today: 15 min brisk walking

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cooking Sunday

5 weeks, 3 days till Home!
-OP: yes
-activity: yes

It was a great day, even tho I never got to do near as much stuff as I wanted. I didn't sleep as much as I wanted, because I wanted to get up early so I could get my activity in so I could have enough time later in the day to relax and get caught up on book-keeping. I also wanted to do cooking for the upcoming week. The cooking got done, but the book-keeping did not. I'd also wanted to do a river walk, but I lost that time when D called early in the afternoon, and we ended up talking for a few hours. His mum just died and we'd not talked since it had happened. We had a lovely chat, he'd been on vacation in Britain and I'd not talked to him in a couple weeks, felt like forever. He's doing really well, as I knew he would be. I also knew he'd need his space right now which is why I wasn't calling him. His mum has been really ill for a long time, and we'd talked at length about it last year and what it would be like when she finally passed on. So my plan for the day went out the window, but I don't regret it in the slightest. The most important stuff got done; I made speghetti squash lasagna, and a huge crock pot full of meat-less chili for the upcoming week. I even backed another yummy M-cake (M-inspired cake I mean, not a cake with M in it!, and supper for tonight on top of it. Had planned to have some of the lasagna tonight (the chili needs to simmer over night), but I decided to have pizza instead; I'll need as much food as possible for this week, I'm not going to have time to spit. LOVED the time I spent in the kitchen tonight tho, I felt so capable and proud of myself! :D

Earned 9 APs today: 30 min walk aerobics (2-mile), 20 min core, 15 min lower body, 35 min shoulders, 20 min biceps/triceps, 15 min chest, 20 min brisk walking

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bittersweet Saturday

5 weeks, 4 days till Home!
-OP: yes
-activity: yes

Today was my last day in the old store, and it was a strange day overall. It was weird to walk around knowing I wouldn't see it again, and to think about being in the new store, which I've never seen. I walked around and said my goodbyes, and made a point of walking down the few aisles that I have never been down. Yes, as unbelievable as it is, there were a few, even after one and a half years there. Things were chaotic as late afternoon approached, because most of the employees were coming in to start the first stage of the move, and the store was crowded. Before I left, I did take my picture off the wall where they had pics of the employees in each dept. It was taken about a month after I started WW, and I want to have it on hand to remind me what I looked like back then, there are so few real pics of me from the past year. It was really really strange to leave the store for the last time, but a friend picked me up and took me shopping, so thankfully I had company. Went for a riverwalk after I got home even tho I was really tired. It was good tho, warm and sunny and relaxed. They tried and tried to get me to come in tomorrow, but I stuck to my guns...I need my Sunday, and next week is going to be exhausting, I expect.

Earned 5 APs today: 80 min brisk walking

Friday, May 23, 2008

Grumpy Friday

5 weeks, 5 days till Home!
-OP: yes
-activity: yes

Plans got cancelled this morning and I've been in a bad mood most of the day. I wasn't in the mood to exercise, so I put the workout off till evening, which I hate doing. I'd wanted to get a river walk in too, but I took a nap instead late in the afternoon. I could have got together with a friend tonight, but I was too tired and surly and had to get the workout in. Blah!

Earned 8 APs today: 30 min walk aerobics (2-mile), 20 min core, 15 min lower body, 35 min shoulders, 20 min biceps/triceps, 15 min chest

Thursday, May 22, 2008


5 weeks, 6 days till Home!!!!
-OP: yes
-activity: yes

Went for a slightly abbreviated walk this afternoon with someone I just met, talked loads but wasn't as fast as I'm used to. Oh well, the company was welcome, and I enjoyed it immensely. Got myself off to work afterward and business as usual.

Earned 4 APs today: 60 min brisk walking

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


6 weeks till Home!!!!!
-OP: yes
-activity: yes

I'm determined to get in 4 workouts this week on account of next week going to be so busy at work. We're moving the store and we're all going to be scheduled as many hours as we can manage without going into overtime. Going to be challenging next week to get my activity in every day, don't know if I'll be abl to fit in full body workouts, but I plan to try. I had to do part of my workout today after work because I didn't have time to get it done beforehand, but it all worked out and I even had time to go out to the pub for a lovely night. All good.

Earned 8 APs today: 30 min walk aerobics (2-mile), 20 min core, 15 min lower body, 35 min shoulders, 20 min biceps/triceps, 15 min chest

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


6 weeks, 1 day till Home!!
-OP: yes
-activity: yes

I was passing by the pub on my way home from my walk this evening and I noticed that Tuesday is Open Mic night, so I came home, cleaned up, and packed up my laptop and went back to listen and have a couple beers and try to catch up on some book-keeping stuff. I'm sooo woefully behind!!! Takes me back to my school days a year ago, did a lot of work in that pub over my laptop with a few beers.

Earned 6 APs today: 100 brisk walking

Monday, May 19, 2008


6 weeks, 2 days till Home!
-OP: yes
-activity: yes

I got a workout and a river walk in today, and it felt really good. I love how my workout is 30 min shorter with the extra weights I have now!

Earned 13 APs today: 30 min walk aerobics (2-mile), 20 min core, 15 min lower body, 35 min shoulders, 20 min biceps/triceps, 15 min chest, 80 min brisk walking

Sunday, May 18, 2008


6 weeks, 3 days till Home!
-OP: yes
-activity: yes

Was a pretty blah day, had things on my mind and wasn't much in the mood to do anything. I tried a recipe for spaghetti squash cakes, but instead of frying them (I'd used my oils for the day on my breakfast omlette and didn't want to 'waste' points on more oil) I used my Foreman Grill. It wasn't particularly successful, I think they need to be fried to be really good, but I ate them anyway, ketchup makes anything fine. I attempted my own variation of the chicken lasagna M made when she was here, and that was much more successful. It was still high in points tho, but I made modifications to make it less so from the original recipe, so I could eat more of it. I definitely plan on making it again, and to tweak the recipe some more if I can to bring those points yummy!

Earned 5 APs today: 85 min brisk walking

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mirrors, mirrors everywhere

6 weeks, 4 days till Home!
-OP: no
-activity: yes

I'm really disappointed with this day for the single fact that I forgot to get my second serving of dairy in when I got home at the end of the night. All I needed was a cup of milk to be on track for the day, but I was distracted when I got home and ended up forgetting. It was a good day tho, the staff meeting was fine, the best one I've been to so far actually, our first one with our new store manager. There were doughnuts and coffee as usual, and as usual people were trying to get me to partake and were surprised that I don't do it. I did my shopping afterward, and ended up lugging around quite a bit of weight in my backpack on account of getting the weights at Canadian Tire. Add the weight of the groceries in my bags and it was a lot harder to move around than I've gotten used to. It occurred to me that it always used to be that hard to move, only I didn't notice it before, so when I got home I was curious and I stepped onto the scale still carrying everything, and it read up around 250. It was a little shocking actually; I felt sooo heavy and weighed down, and yet I used to be so much heavier. I know I started WW at 288, but I lost weight in the year before, and I know I was in the 300 easily, because I lost 2 sized before going on WW. I sincerely wish there were weight-suits for us to wear that would instantly put us back to our old weight, so we could walk around and feel the difference, because I think that would truly bring it home for me in a way that nothing else could just how far I've come. I've said it before and I'll say it do really skinny people not just float away into the sky??

Earned 13 APs today: 30 min walk aerobics (2-mile), 20 min core, 15 min lower body, 35 min shoulders, 20 min biceps/triceps, 15 min chest, 80 min brisk walking

Friday, May 16, 2008


6 weeks, 5 days till Home!!!
-OP: yes
-activity: yes

Another long day, I'd wanted to make plans for tonight with friends, but work precluded that. I haven't heard back yet about tomorrow, I'm hoping we can do something then. I'm planning to get a different bus after my transfer downtown, and go do some shopping after the staff meeting. I want to get another set of weights, because I only have a single 7lb and a single 10lb, and it will cut my lifting time way down if I had pairs of weights and could do both arms simultaneously. I had a cheque with Christmas money from my Godmother that I never cashed, because I'd been holding on to it for something special. I'd been thinking I would spend it on a yoga mat, but since M brought me one as a gift the last time she visited (it's blue!!!) I've decided to spend the money on more weights. I rarely spend money on myself anymore, since I normally have none, but if I do it is usually on something to help me reach my goals. It's actually a pretty cool feeling.

Earned 5 APs today: 80 min brisk walking

Thursday, May 15, 2008


6 weeks, 6 days till Home!!!!
-OP: yes
-activity: yes

It was a long day, and I got asked to work tomorrow, so I have to get right into bed. I'm looking forward to a break this weekend, but we have a staff meeting Sat morning, so I can't sleep in. Oh well, I need the money. I've increased my weights for lifting, and I'm hoping it will help me build up some more muscle quickly. I love feelinf the burn at the end of a workout!

Earned 10 APs today: 30 min walk aerobics (2-mile), 20 min core, 15 min lower body, 50 min shoulders, 35 min biceps/triceps, 5 min chest

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Countdown to Home!!!!

The news I've been waiting on has finally arrived!

After much discussion and debating and back and forth between mum and F and even M, the date of my visit home has finally been set! I got the email from mum today with the copy of my itinerary, and I will be leaving on July 2nd, and as she said in her PS...only 7 more weeks!!!

What is absolutely awesome about it is that July 2nd will mark my 1-year anniversary of being on WW! A very fitting way to mark the anniversary, as I've spent the whole time on WW thinking about the next time I go home to visit and wanting to surprise them with my weight loss. I have not breathed one word to them, and it has been a challenge all year to keep my new lifestyle and my successes quiet. It's such an amazing feeling to finally have an exact date to count down to! 7 more weeks to get myself in the best shape I can!

I'm going to do another OP-activity challenge, like I did to countdown to Nightwish (which was a HUGE success), and I commit to being completely OP and to get activity in every day for the next 7 weeks!

Bring it on!! Home, here I come!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Concert - Celebration of 100 lbs (soon to be) lost


Sunday was cloudy and wet and dreary and for some reason almost seemed oddly appropriate. M and I slept in as much as we were able, which wasn't too much, considering that we're both accustomed to waking up relatively early (M of course used to getting up earlier than myself, but I have come a long way in that dept, and I was actually waking up before her). I made breakfast and we basically went back to bed, because Sunday + rain = laying about and not being productive. The little running about we had to do for the weekend got done on Saturday, so we had absolutely nothing planned for Sunday excepting the concert. We spent quality time and listened to Harry Potter and the next thing I knew it was time to start being productive. I kept thinking about how the concert was that night, and it still couldn't seem real to me. I wasn't excited emotionally, just mentally, if that makes any sense. I wasn't feeling much of anything, just thinking about details, and trying to get myself to really understand that it was really going to happen. M got a shower while I made a healthy meal for our dinner, and while it was finishing I grabbed my shower then put on my awesome new jeans. I put on my sexy black shirt that we'd talked about me wearing...but I bought that shirt back in Sept, and yes it was tight then but it sure as hell ain't tight no more, and I got a little distressed because I felt it was too baggy to wear now. I'd worn it a few weeks before without issue, but I felt it had looked okay before, but it had become not okay in the interim. There had been a long sleeve black shirt I'd been hoarding in my closet from my first trip to the thrift store back in Nov, one that I thought too good to pass up but needed to do a lot of shrinking into. I tried it on for F back in Jan before M's last visit, and she really liked it and agreed with me that it was a clubbing shirt, but that I needed to do more shrinking. I'd been thinking back then that perhaps I could wear it for our trip downtown when M visited in Jan, but it was not to be. I'd been thinking since that maybe I could wear it to the concert, tho M thought I should wear my other sexy black shirt, the one I'd bought in Sept and wore downtown in Jan. The reason I wanted so desperately to be able to wear the long-sleeved one if I could was because the other shirt is short sleeved, and I want to hide my flying squirrels if at all possible. I was thinking that a concert could very well involve waving arms above my head/clapping hands above my head, and I hated the thought that my arm flab would be waving about for the world (and possibly the band!!!!) to see. The problem was that 2 or 3 weeks before the concert (I can't remember which) I took the long sleeved shirt out of the closet and tried it on again to gauge whether it was wearable, and at that time it was not...still too snug to wear. So when I tried on the short-sleeved one from Jan on the day of the concert and saw how it was hanging on me suddenly, I was very unhappy. We'd agreed I wanted to wear black, and they were the only black shirts I own for going out. M said I didn't look so bad that I couldn't still wear it, and I thought she was probably right, but I still was unhappy with it, so I went to the closet and pulled out the long-sleeved one just to make sure it was not an option......and when I put it on, it fit fine!!!!! I couldn't believe it, I made M look and look and asked her a bunch of times if I looked okay and she kept saying yes. I just couldn't believe that in just a few weeks I'd gone from not being able to wear it (and I will still wear things if they are snug, from what I can tell from F's standards) to it fitting comfortably. I'm still trying to get my head around it, a bit. I know I've been exercising like a fiend, and that every pound counts more now than it did, but it really seems like all the hard work I've been putting in really paid off when it was getting down to the wire. We were rushed for time there at the end, but at least I went out the door feeling good about how I looked. And feeling my first butterflies, incidently.

The drive to London was uneventful, thankfully. We had a little stress at the very beginning (which is never good) because just as we were leaving I took a look at the page of directions we had from Mapquest, and realised that they were totally and utterly confusing. Thank God we had borrowed D's GPS (after much hemming and hawing), and I made the decision that we were going to trust in it instead of the printed directions. I know M was very tense, and I was a bit tense knowing that, but D's Magic Box didn't let us down, and it got us where we needed to go without problem. Yes, there were moments when we doubted, but we had put our trust in the Magic Box, and did what it told us, and aside from adventures with the Buckley truck making a game of passing us, it was a quiet drive. And I do mean quiet; we didn't talk a whole lot, I for one was a little lost in my head and trying to absorb what was going to happen. Nonetheless I enjoyed the drive and the scenery and knowing I was sharing the experience with someone who means the world to me. The closer we got to London, the more I sank into a quiet kind of nerves and excitement, still mostly tied up with a feeling of disbelief. When we got into London the nerves started to kick it up, and I stared down at the Magic Box more than I looked around, knowing that it was soon going to tell us that the next direction would be our destination. Every so often I would look around and think..."Nightwish is in London. I am in London. I am going to see Nightwish". It still didn't seem real, but it was starting to seem more real than it had at any other point beforehand. When finally the Magic Box told me that our destination was ahead, the butterflies in my stomach suddenly turned into teradactyls, and from that point onward I was officially a Spaz. We came up on the venue, a large club basically, and the first thing I noticed was that there was a huge lineup waiting already. The second were the buses parked alongside the club. The third was that there was absolutely no parking left in the tiny parking lot by the club. This brought on more feelings of tenseness, mostly on M's behalf as it turns out; she was feeling the nerves of being trying to drive in a strange city for the first time, and while I was feeling the nerves of knowing my best friend was feeling nerves, I was mostly feeling the nerves of knowing my favorite band in the whole wide world was within shouting distance, and that I was going to actually see and hear them.

We parked and I left my coat despite the wind and rain, and we walked to the club and after some walking found the end of the line and joined it. By this time I was in full Spaz Mode, and I was staring up at the sign reading "Nightwish May 11" and at the tour buses parked by the club, and trying to get my stomach to hold still. From the moment we spotted the club onward I was no fit company for M, and I feel bad about that, but I think she understood and didn't hold it against me. Indeed, she told me to pose for a pic of me in the line, and told me to take a pic of the sign and so on. She also put up with me gripping her coat and bouncing and being basically unintelligible overall with my constant utterances of "Oh my God! OH MY GOD!!" She even encouraged me to touch the tour bus when we were standing by it, but I was too much of a Spaz and couldn't summon the courage. I kept looking at the club, then looking at the bus, and all I knew is that they were so close, and the knowledge of it was almost more than I could bear. We got in before too long, and the place was packed. There was no more room on the floor, and after a few minutes reconnaisance we went upstairs; there was a balcony area long the second floor looking down on the first floor and stage area. There were people lined along all the railings, but after a bit of searching we found a spot where there we were standing behind two people were weren't very tell, and we could see between them well to the stage area which was almost directly in front of us. So we staked out our spot, and I settled down (in a manner of speaking) to wait for the concert to start. It was maybe a half hour (time had no meaning to me, I can only really guess) before something started, and in that whole time I barely said two words to M I think. I was so so aware of how each moment was agony and exctasy while I waited, because I longed for it to start, but I was too aware of how it would end too soon and I was savouring every single moment of anticipation with a lover's intensity. I kept staring at the stage (which seemed miniscule) until finally a fellow came out and set himself to the drum set. I went into an instant state of alarm and confusion, because one glance told me he was not Jukka...and I had a spot of panic when I thought that I had misunderstood it afterall, and that Nightwish wouldn't actually be there, that it would be maybe one member of the band playing with other artists performing Nightwish songs, and that of course the actual band wouldn't be there, how could I be so foolish as to think I would actually see them in person, when M said something about it being the warm up band, and my panic receded for the most part. The warm up band (whoever they were...we never caught the name) were strange to me because I had not been prepared for them, but I relaxed enough to enjoy their sound and style, and I savoured every moment of their performance, both for what they were, and for the further promise of anticipation. When they were done we had about another half hour I guess for set up, during which I know for a fact I only looked away from the stage area once. I stared and stared and was so caught up in the moment that I was oblivious to everything else and all I could think was that soon it was going to happen and all I could do was to try and keep from breaking down.

And then the lights went down, and the music started. And then Jukka stepped onto the stage. And then I felt like I was on the edge of everything. And then the door opened, and the rest of the band walked out, and it was like every part of me from my breastbone to my hips was being clenched tight tight tight, and I couldn't breathe and I was fighting to stay present and not fall apart completely and at the same time I was so aware of how this was happening right now and that I had to be present and to not miss one moment of it. I was walking a knife edge to experience what was happening without losing myself, while still being in a place where I was living my dream....a dream come true, one I had dreamed of for so many years. Surreal is a word that is so inadequate to describe the experience for me. They were right there, at most 50 feet away from me, so close I could see every expression, could follow their eyes as they looked around the club, and oh! how my heart would stop in my chest when one of their eyes would move to my part of the balcony, and it would seem (and could possibly be, at times!) that their eyes would meet mine. The wonder and the pleasure I would feel at that moment was almost enough to undo me, but I was constantly fighting to stay present. and every nuance and every particle of the night was exposed to me, and I held onto every one as I could. Truly, it was all I could do not to blink as I tried to take in every aspect, every moment, and not to miss a thing. Tuomas was directly across from us, and before the concert even started the knowledge that he would be standing there so close was enough to make me tremble. Watching him perform was an experience beyond words for me, the whole night was, but that especially. It was exactly as I could have expected, if I'd dared to imagine that night (which I had not, truly); to see him perform, to actually live his creations, was an experience that transcended words, that was almost holy for me. The joy I felt, the exctasy, the longing, I was constantly trembling, wiping away tears, laughing in pleasure, transported to another plain of feeling. Perhaps I sound corny, but I am trying to express how it was for me, the most thrilling experience of my life. Yes, I have been that emotional a couple of times before in my life, but those instances were not good experiences; they were times of intense emotion, but those emotions were all negative...grief and sorrow. This was the first time I had ever felt such intense emotion and have the emotions actually be positive.

I couldn't have said afterward how long the concert had lasted, because it went in a blink and at the same time I was so lost in the moment that it could have been all night. I'd been hoping to see them perform "Sleeping Sun", or "Beauty of the Beast", which are my favorite Nightwish songs, but I wasn't expecting they would, since those songs are older and they are touring the new album. They did however perform "While Your Lips Are Still Red", which is another favorite song, and one which has had a lot of very personal meaning to be the last few months. When they began the song I almost got overwhelmed, and I was trying not to start crying so much I couldn't enjoy it. I did take pictures throughout, and my hands were shaking so much during that one that I was afraid I wouldn't get one of them doing my fav song of the night, one I had been hoping so much they would play. I loved how they turned the lights down and concentrated on Tuomas and Marco during that song. The venue was so small that it was really a rather intimate atmosphere, all things considered, and I would not have changed one thing about it. The band was constantly interacting with the crowd, talking to us, tossing things to the people in front of the stage, and even up in the balcony (Tuomas tossed up a bottle of water he had been drinking from). Emppu was constantly tossing out guitar picks, and I was surprised actually at how engaged he was in the performance, as well as the rest of the band. They really did seem to have fun with it, and I loved the interaction back and forth. At one point Marco got down on the floor by Emppu while he was playing, and raised the neck of his bass buitar up between Emppu's legs while he was striking a pose and playing, to make it look like he had a huge boner going on, so silly and so hilarious! Marco was a pleasure to watch, he has such a powerful and energetic personality, playful and naughty and carefree. There was a time where he was talking to us, twisting his long beards and grinning with the most wicked expression that everyone started cheering. I wish I'd had a better view of Jukka on drums, but he was also engaged and I loved his expressions and watching him twirl his sticks between the slower beats. Anette was enjoyable, mostly because I was prepared for her to be inexperienced, but to be honest she is so new to the band that I paid her much less attention than the men. I know if Tarja had still been performing with them I would have been transfixed by her, but she had that kind of presence. Anette has a powerful voice tho, and her accent is not as thick as Tarja's had been. The band's english was very well actually, better than I had expected, I had no trouble understanding what they were saying. I just wish Tuomas had said more, but he definitely prefers to stay to the rear of the limelight. But it was enough to watch him so immersed in his music, he has always been my favorite band member because as a very passionate person myself, the intensity of his own passion has always struck a chord with me. It was so incredible to watch him perform, and see that passion with my own eyes, because it is impossible to mistake it. And until the band left the stage after their encore, I drank in every drop of it until I was so out of it that I couldn't even move. The crowd started to make their way out when the lights came up, but I had to stay there for a while in the balcony, looking at the stage and around at the people leaving, until I collected myself a little. I was all teary and elated and overcome with so much emotion that I wasn't able to talk to M at all. Finally we made our way to the bathroom (a chick in there was having a very long discussion with someone about her tattoo.."it's delicate, it's very delicate") and out of the club. My legs were wobbly and totally unreliable, and I was so out of it that everything seemed strange, but M ended up taking my hand and helping me along. I turned and stared and stared at the buses and the waiting limo, aware that we were leaving, and they were leaving, and that very soon we would no longer be in London together. I was very aware that it was finishing, and that each moment onward would be taking be further away from that incredible night. I couldn't get the tears to stop, but chose to let them do what they pleased, and I cried all the way back to the car. Well, to be honest I cried most of the way to Chatam before I calmed down a bit. There was just so much in my mind, so much feeling about the night. It was more than seeing the band (although that was deinfitely enough to have me in tears); it was being aware of the past year, of all the struggles I've had, of everything that has happened and everything I have done. I felt like I was looking over a stretch of my life, and being aware of how far I had come. I think having experienced something I had never thought I would get to experience but had wanted for so many years made it more clear than it ever had been to me that where I am right now is also come place I had always wanted to be, but never thought I would. Feeling emotion has not always been an easy thing for me over the years, and that night a lot of emotion that had been deep inside me where I couldn't really feel it came spilling out. It was a confusing mass of emotions, and there was actually a lot of grief mixed up with everything, but it was definitely not a bad thing, it was emotion I had been carrying with me like a burden but had never been able to get out. The whole way back to Windsor I kept playing the night over and over in my mind, fixing it all in my memory, not wanting to forget any of it. It had been an experience I want to carry with me forever; the music was wonderful, the atmosphere electic, and the whole band came alive and their personalities were apparent for anyone there to witness them, even M commented on it. And for someone like me, who has loved this band more than any other for so many years, seeing the truth of what I'd hoped for and dreamed of for so long, that it was everything I had ever imagined it to be, and that they were everything I had ever thought they were, was without a doubt the most thrilling and exhillerating experience of my life to this day.

So that was my 100 lb Celebration, and as I said after my 50 lb one, it was a very fitting celebration of an exciting milestone. I'm so very grateful that M was there to share the weekend and that night with me, it would have been a rather poor celebration without her. She was so supportive of me and my Spazzy self at the concert, and she was understanding in the car when I spent the first hour of the drive back just crying and being inside myself. Eventually I came out enough to talk, and eventually we even started singing songs to stay awake till we got back to the city. I got her to take a pic of me when we got back to my flat, to commerate my big night, and someday I will stick it in here when I no longer have to stay anonymous.

It was a good day.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

So I'm NOT crazy

1 day till Nightwish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-OP: yes
-activity: yes

I love having M here! She thinks I look drastically different since we last saw each other in Jan. We did some running around, I attempted to buy underwear at Walmart (I didn't know what size I needed to buy when I was there the other day) but I decided the mediums were too big and the smalls were too small. I did however take her into the changing room to get her opinion on the mirror there, and she agrees that it is a little bit off, hence the me not being crazy. We went for a river walk, something I had really been looking forward to doing with her since we planned this weekend. We walked less briskly than I am used to, but I think she enjoyed it too, tho perhaps she thought it was a little bit of a long walk. The time goes quickly for me tho, so it's hard for me to tell. Only one day till the concert, it doesn't seem real!!!

Earned 5 APs today: 80 min brisk walking (I counted it as I always do, because I don't think I should earn more APs for walking longer if I walked more slowly)

Friday, May 9, 2008


2 days till Nightwish!!!
-OP: yes
-activity: technically yes

I was emotional in the morning and had a hard time getting going. I needed time to myself to think about things (mostly the co-worker being let go) and to get to a place where I was okay. I listened to music and cried quite a bit and then I felt better and was able to get up and get going. I ended up missing out on my workout because of it, but I think the me-time was necessary because I needed to address how I was's important to me to be in as good a mood as possible when M is here! I spent the day getting the flat sorted out, but I still managed to get in some "relaxation time" last minute in the evening. ;)

When I went out on Wednesday I hit the Walmart on F's recommendation to see about new jeans. I've never shopped there for clothes before and it was almost surreal for me. I was a little lost about what kind/size to buy, but I selected some to take to the changing room. I figured I should be trying on 16s, but when I held them up they looked too big, so I took some 14s and even a 12 in with me instead. I was not very hopeful about any of it, but the 16s really did look too big, so I figured what the heck, the worst that could happen would be I'd spend longer trying on clothes. I had a moment of annoyance bordering on anger when I went into the changing room and saw my reflection in the full-length mirror in there...I was convinced the mirror was wonky, because it made me look entirely too narrow! I know I'm thinner, but their mirror was taking it too far. I was rather indignant that they were putting wonky mirrors in their changing rooms...are they trying to get people to buy more clothes because they will love how they look when they try it on? How dishonest! I went ahead and tried on a pair of the 14s, and when they felt snug when I was hauling them up over my legs I thought "oh yeah here we go", but the next thing I knew they were going up over my backside, and my eyebrows went up and then I was tugging them over my hips and I thought "wait a minute.." and then I was fastening them and doing up the zipper and my jaw dropped. Then I generally had a fit. They looked GOOD! I tried on the others...and they fit too!!! Even the size 12, tho it was a tiny bit snug. I ended up going with the first pair I tried on, thinking they would be awesome for the concert. I basically floated out the door and walked to the thrift store to see if I could find a pair of blue jeans (the other pair are dark) and some pants and shirts for walking and such. I spent quite some time there, got an awesome pair of bluejeans and some clothes for casual wear. I spent quite a bit of money, but it was money I had planned to spend on the slow cooker at work that has been reduced, but since D gave me his old one I was able to spend the money on clothes instead. It's crazy to have options with clothes...and to feel good wearing them!!!

Earned 5 APs today: 100 min housework

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Learn from challenge and change

3 days till Nightwish!!!
-OP: yes
-activity: yes

Okay it turns out I had a lot less time today than I had anticipated, and my head is a mess tonight after an emotional day at work. I shall have to try and do a proper post tomorrow if I can find a spare minute someplace...which is an almost laughable concept, but it doesn't hurt to hope, right?

Earned 6 APs today: 100 min brisk walking

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


4 days till Nightwish!!!
-OP: yes
-activity: yes

I'll have to make a proper post tomorrow, if I can. It's late and I really must get to bed. Was a long day of running about, but I got some things accomplished, and I got my workout in. More tomorrow.

Earned 11 APs today: 30 min walk aerobics (2-mile), 20 min core, 15 min lower body, 50 min shoulders, 35 min biceps/triceps, 15 min chest

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dreaming of things you want

5 days till Nightwish!!
-OP: yes
-activity: yes

It's been a long day and I am tired, but I feel pretty good physically and otherwise. Work was fine, some frustration there at the end, but spending time with D makes up for it. I had a wonderful, wonderful lunch break, just before the dinner rush when the lunchroom fills up and gets noisy. I had the room to myself, no tv on, the newspaper was interesting, and my food was sooo delicious. I finally got around to trying out the spaghetti squash I bought, and the results were all I could hope for. Spaghetti squash will definitely be on my menu often. The same with zucchini; D took me shopping today and I bought both. I'm still horrified at the amount of money I've been spending on food, but I'm being as frugal as possible, and I'm not wasting anything. I just need to accept the fact that food is expensive these days. Either way I did splurge yesterday and fried out the lean ground beef that had been sitting in my freezer for a couple of months, and threw it in the spaghetti squash lasagna I made, along with some peppers. The smell of the meat was enough to make me weak-legged...made me think of all the times I used to make my own nachos. I find it immensely pleasing that I'm confident enough to tweak recipes to try out things I might like. The meat really set the meal off, tho I think next time I will use less of it to keep the points down. I showed D my leftovers today because I was so proud, and he actually was covetting my dinner, which made me ecstatic because it was something I actually made myself! I could hardly believe that someone would really want something I made, definitely an awesome feeling! I bought a few ingredients today that I've not had before, and I'm ready to try another new recipe or two and see if I like them. Who knows, maybe I'll get the hang of this whole cooking thing someday :D

I have soo much to do tomorrow. I want to try and see a physician on account of my ears are starting to drive me round the bend with the way they get all crazy and make it sound like I'm under water or stuck half way through a yawn. It used to only happen when I exercised, but now it happens more often; yesterday at work it was happening constantly and I thought I was going to yank them off. The only thing that fixes it is bending over, so I looked mental because I seemed to be constantly examining my knees. I was probably talking strangely/loudly too, I couldn't hear myself properly half the time. I also need to go to the thrift store and see if I can't get some pants. Thankfully there's a walk in clinic on the same road as the thrift store, I might be able to get everything done without having to get buses all over the city. There's also a Walmart on that road, I'm not sure if it's between the walk in and the thrift store, tho. F has been telling me to check there for clothes. I'm not necessarily a fan of Walmart, but it would be awesome if I could use it as an option for pants, with money so non-existant. I have no idea what size I might be fitting into now, it will be interesting to find out. For the last week I've been getting so many comments along the lines of "going down to nothing" and "soon going to disappear". When I showed up Saturday morning at work for the staff meeting dressed in civvies, one of the managers that I had closed with the night before looked at me and said "what, did you go and lose 10 lbs since last night??" I thought it was really sweet, actually. He's said some really nice things, never asked for a number, just telling me that he thinks I'm looking great and I should be really proud of myself. I guess I truly am at that stage where 5 lbs can make a difference. All I know is I still feel so big, and I'm starting to understand that it is mostly because of all the sag I have around my middle, mostly. If I look at myself from the waist up I look smaller to myself, but when I see my middle I look so big. I've been reading up a bit on plastic surgery options, and I found out that some clinics will give you financing options, so you don't have to wait and save up the amount beforehand, you can have the sugery and pay it off. There is a woman from WW who is paying hers off for $130 a month, which seems very reasonable to me. It's nice to know that I might not have to wait years and years before I can get myself fixed up. Of course it's not going to happen any time soon either, but it's still nice feeling like it is something I might be able to do before I thought I would be able to manage it. Lots of people pay off cars. I'd be perfectly happy taking the bus and paying off the surgery, I know which one would make me happier!

Earned 5 APs today: 80 min brisk walking

Monday, May 5, 2008

Then again...

6 days till Nightwish!!!!!!!!
-OP: yes
-activity: yes

I need to get to bed so this will be brief. I have to be up in 6 hours for work, but unfortunately I am not the least bit sleepy at the moment. I just finished working out and I guess I'm hyped up on endorphins, because 3 1/2 hours ago I felt ready to go right to bed instead of exercise. But I am determined to get my three workouts in this week, and that means exercising tonight even tho I never do my workout on Mon. I didn't get home from work till after 4, then I had to get supper which took a long time because I cooked again. I don't have time to do my weekly summary tonight, will have to wait till tomorrow evening.

Earned 10 APs today: 30 min walk areobics, 20 min core, 15 min lower body, 50 min shoulders, 35 min biceps/triceps, 15 chest

Sunday, May 4, 2008

This time next week

1 week till Nightwish!
-OP: yes
-activity: yes

I don't know what's up with me tonight. I feel so spacey, almost like I've had a few beers. I didn't get as much sleep last night as I normally would, but I still got a decent amount. I feel spacey like I do when it's been over 24 hours since I've had any sleep. I only ate twice today (yes I know, my bad), but my mealtimes were thrown off because I needed to get milk for breakfast and was trying to juggle that with doing laundry and the next thing I know I'm eating breakfast at dinnertime. I went for a walk in the afternoon and ended up not having a middle meal, but by suppertime I was really hungry and I guess that might account for the spaceyness. I made the spaghetti squash lasagna recipe from the website I discovered recently and which was basically the reason I bought the spaghetti squash in the first place. It took a while to make but it was more than worth it. I felt obscenely proud of myself when I was eating it, it's the first time I felt like I actually cooked something, even tho it was such a simple recipe. I think spaghetti squash might become a staple of my diet. And zucchini...I've fallen head over heels for zucchini! Either way I am feeling too weird tonight to feel up to calculating the numbers for my weekly summary. I will do it tomorrow and add it on.

Earned 6 APs today: 100 min brisk walking

Weekly summary:
Earned 41 APs
10.9 hours (655 min) total activity
26 miles (41.8 kms) walked
35 FPs remaining
4.4 lbs lost
Current weight: 196.8

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Come now, I'm sure today can get suckier!

1 week, 1 day till Nightwish!
-OP: yes
-activity: yes

The staff meeting this morning was useless and long and boring. The day was rainy. I wasn't able to get all of my workout in because I rearranged my day for someone who ended up being SO not worth it. Just home from work and just wishing I could have a few stiff drinks to take the edge off this sucky day. Oh well, guess I'll have to be miserable instead.

Earned 7 APs today: 30 min walk aerobics, 20 min (core), 30 min shoulders, 30 min biceps/triceps.

Edit: just before I posted a friend came online and started chatting with me, heard I'd had a crappy day, and said we'll go out and have fun. So actually I guess the day wasn't able to get suckier after all, it seems.

Friday, May 2, 2008


1 week, 2 days till Nightwish!
-OP: yes
-activity: yes

Well it is finally official, with my WI in today I am now in Onederland!!!! It's a little mind boggling to be out of the 200s, I really wouldn't be able to say how young I was when I went over 200 lbs, but I know I had to be pretty young. It was definitely the best part of today, which didn't go very well overall, frustrating day at work mostly, and rain to boot. I just got home and we have a staff meeting in the morning so I basically have to go right to bed. I did another day of having my big meal for dinner and using my meal at work for my supper meal, and I'm really pleased that I'm pulling it off okay. I actually got up earlier than I would have today so I could get breakfast in early enough to do it. It's great that I don't have to make supper now, like I usually do, I just need to have some pudding to get my second dairy in, I missed out on mydessert earlier and I think it will leave me feeling satisfied, since I'm feeling that weird aware that I am not full sensation that I was feeling last night. I think I'm going to try and keep this up and see how it goes for me, might be a good way of mixing things up for myself. Anyhoo I need to get things sorted and get to bed, have to be up at 5:00am! :(

Earned 5 APs today: 80 min brisk walking

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Take another little piece of my heart

1 week, 3 days till Nightwish!
-OP: yes
-activity: yes

I'd had today all planned out, but I got asked to work part of it went out the window. I didn't get a river walk in, which is always disappointing to me now. I had to split the workout but it all got done eventually. I wanted to be done eating by 8:30 tops and actually I was finished an hour and a half before that, because I had "supper" before I left for work, and brought my dinner with me to eat on my 15 min break. I really did not want to have to come home and eat supper at 11pm, so I cut my workout short to give me enough time to have my big meal before work. I felt really good afterward actually, and while I'm feeling a little hungry since I've got home from work, it's nothing drastic. I think it just feels weird because I am soo used to being full at this time of night. I'm closing at the store the next two days as well, so maybe I will be able to do the same thing...but for that to work tomorrow that will require having an early breakfast...which means getting up early......which further means getting to bed early. Hmm..might want to get on that.

Earned 10 APs today: 30 min walk aerobics (2-mile), 20 min core, 15 min lower body, 50 min shoulders, 35 min biceps/triceps, 15 min chest